New to Reception – Getting ready for school

Get your goody bags ready for your weekly challenge!

School Readiness Guidance for Parents during COVID 2020

Week 3 – Time for a game!

Mrs Anderson has made a video for both Giraffe and Tiger class to play along with. Make sure you’ve got envelope 3 and your listening ears ready! Click the photo to head to our blog and play along.


Week 2 – All About Me!

Time for us to learn a little bit more about each other. Click on the photos below to watch the videos all about your new teacher. Then have a go at completing your poster all about YOU! You could draw or write in the boxes or your grown up can help you fill them in with your ideas.When it’s all done, don’t forget to send us your photos to add to our display. We have loved seeing the adventures of the mini teachers and your amazing masks. Keep it up super Giraffes and Tigers!









Week 1

Time to share a story with your new teacher. Click on the photos below to take you to the videos on our school blog.

Miss Howard and Mrs Anderson have really enjoyed seeing some of your adventures with your mini teachers. Don’t forget to send them to the school office email (link at the bottom of the page under contact us)!

After you have listened to the story maybe you could send us your giraffe and tiger photos too!









Share a story

An online story book all about starting at Northern Infant School. Meet the staff team and have a look at some of our classrooms! Click here


Eating at School With HC3S

Here is an information booklet to look through together and find out more about the food provided here at school.

HC3S Year R New Starter Guide



Starting school is a very exciting time for families. Lots of parents ask how they can ensure their children are ‘ready’ for school. Here are a few ideas for you to try at home with your child.

Developing writing

Valuing your child’s mark making is one of the most important parts of the journey to becoming a confident writer. Regardless of whether they have written a wiggly line or a string of letters, it still means something to them. Spend time celebrating their efforts and recognising the effort they have made to communicate via writing.

Emergent writing

A short guide on letter formation

I will learn to write, but first …

I will learn to read, but first…


Maths is all around us! Here are a few top tips for introducing children to numbers.


I will learn maths, but first…