School Uniform

We pride ourselves on the smart appearance of our children which is commented on frequently by visitors to the school and members of the community.


Our uniform consists of :

Grey trousers, shorts, skirts or pinafore

White Polo Shirt

Green Sweatshirt or Cardigan (these can be purchased from SKOOLKIT, West Street, Fareham

Yellow gingham dresses


We are a ‘No Shoe’ school

We operate a no shoe policy in school where all staff, children and visitors wear socks and may choose to wear slippers as well. Research shows that children in no shoe schools are more settled, have less behaviour incidents and improved attainment. We want our children to feel as settled and ‘at home’ as possible in school to help them feel confident to challenge themselves.


For break times sensible shoes, suitable for playing outside on the playground and trim trail are to be worn. These do not have to be school shoes, but children must be able to put them on independently. Please only provide laces if your child is confident to tie their own laces.

 PE Kit

Black plimsolls or trainers

Black Shorts

White or green t-shirt

A blue tracksuit may be worn for outdoor lessons



Following Health & Safety guidelines we ask that no hooped earrings are worn in school, although children with pierced ears may wear studs.  A watch may also be worn. If your child has recently had their ears pierced then they must cover them with surgical tape for P.E. otherwise the expectation is that all jewellery is removed before the lesson.