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Book Week in Oz!

We’ve had such a wonderful week in Oz, skipping down the yellow brick road and helping the lion find courage, scarecrow to find knowledge and the tin man to find a heart. We opened our doors to bedtime stories, complete with hot chocolate and again for breakfast share a book at the junior school. We loved every moment!

Then we all took part in a fantastic dressing-up day, all themed to the Wizard of Oz!


London’s Burning

This week, we had our own recreation of the Great Fire of London! It was a great way to celebrate the end of the topic and to gain real life experience of how the fire spread down Pudding Lane in 1666.


There’s an Elf in Year R!

There have been some strange events in Year R classrooms over the last two weeks. When we came to school on Monday, there was a terrible mess…a pile of snow on the floor!  We started our investigations immediately, looking for clues and thinking of all the possibilities. Over the next few days, more and more messy situations were left in the classrooms. One day we even spotted a cheeky elf trying to climb back onto the roof! But then, disaster struck, as Eddie and Eric elf went missing, and Santa wrote a letter to see if we knew where they were. He was very worried about them!

Finally, we found some clues. A trail of snow, and lots of mess led us to the cheeky elves, who had been hiding in our Christmas tree!

Juggling Jake teaches KS1 some new tricks!


Year 1 and 2 had a very special visitor, called Juggling Jake, who helped them learn some new circus tricks. They showed fantastic resilience in learning these new skills which included juggling, spinning plates, balancing devil sticks and even riding a miniature bike! These experiences helped them with some brilliant writing, including a thank you letter to Jake.


Super sounds in Year R

Year R have been learning all about the sounds S,A,T and P this week. They’ve made sneaky spiders, found angry ants,  twirled round trees and poured pirates down the pipes! They have all worked hard to learn their new sounds, but had lots of fun doing it!

Summer Term Events

Year 2 Leavers Video

Show me the way to Northern Juniors…

People who help us

As part of our topic ‘People Who Help Us’, Year R have had some very exciting visitors! We had Freddie’s dad visit to tell us all about the Military Police, Lauren’s mum brought her police car to tell us all about her job and Rudi’s mum came to explain what it’s like to be a nurse. On Thursday, Paramedics Tim and Matt came to visit Year R. We had great fun exploring the ambulance and car, measuring our pulse and and testing out the stretcher! Thank you to all of our visitors for helping us with our learning, we know you all do a very important job!


Dads’ Design Afternoon 2017

Maths Trail 2017

Dads’ Afternoon 2016

Sports Day 2016

Road Safety Competition Winner


Well done Lexi!


Book Week


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