Hello Everyone

As such huge progress has been made with the websites, we thought it would be good for the Governors to join in and provide you with a regular blog. I know the children will be blogging, so let the competition begin as to who creates the best blog.

I would encourage you all to visit the websites regularly; both the sites have had a big investment in time, effort and obviously money. This not only raises our professional outlook, but maintains our messaging in line with the school prospectus. In time the intention is for the site to become key link between, the school, parents, governors and children. We now have homework demos, which are proving very popular, information about the curriculum such as which topics are going to be taught and when, as well as homework links. The potential for daily updates, i.e. school closures due to weather conditions, make the sites invaluable for parents. It also a great way of making sure you get the chance to read the newsletters. All key dates are loaded into the school calendar and it comes with built in Google Calendar links which allow you the opportunity to sync with your own devices.



We would like to use this blog to provide you a brief update on the schools and share with you how we are supporting the Executive Headteacher and her team in spending the schools limited budgets, and monitoring the school’s performance in terms of educational results and general standards.


In order to support the priorities in the school improvement plan we have released money from the budget that the Executive Headteacher has asked for in some key areas.

  • 30 Mini Ipads for the children to supplement ageing existing IT in both the junior and infant school. These were trialled in the juniors first to make sure that they made a difference to children and their learning. (They love using them!).
  • New interactive whiteboards being fitted in the classrooms on a rolling programme to improve the quality of the learning experience for our children
  • A new server and IT infrastructure for the Federation, allowing staff to access the same server in both schools, as well as enabling staff to have full access to the server from home
  • Monies released for new carpets and new lighting in both schools, some work started and more to come in terms of general decoration


Overall the school results continue to march on with good progress being made in both schools. All our staff are ambitious for our children and are determined that both schools should become outstanding. We have worked hard to recruit really good, committed, hard-working staff.


Significant improvements have been made since the Ofsted in 2013. Within the all-important Ofsted reports, one of the key indicators of the schools performance is the Raise on Line performance indicators. This is based on SATS results and children’s yearly attainment. For the first time since 2002 we are seeing green data (which means it is significantly high in comparison to other schools) for attainment. We know there are still areas we want to get better at and are focused on ensuring this happens.


Attainment is generally above national outcomes. Pupil outcomes have remained fairly steady, with some good improvements, particularly in phonics and the number of children achieving a good level of development in Reception.

Both schools are constantly measured against National statistics and all schools are being driven to better outcomes, which mean just maintaining your position is an achievement. We are a small school in comparison, which statistically makes the achievements much harder to maintain.


Personally I would like to think that huge strides have been made since the schools federated. I would personally like to hear from anyone with any suggestions or items you would like the governing body to address. You can contact any of the governors via the school.