Welcome to Northern Infant School

At Northern Infant School we believe that our core purpose is to prepare children for the challenges they will meet in life.

In addition to this we recognise the children’s right to a childhood and will capitalise on their natural desire to learn and make sense of their world and their innate sense of awe and wonder. We will endeavour to give the children self-confidence and develop their self-esteem so that they experience a lifetime of fulfilment.

If you cannot find the information you are looking for on the site please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Latest News & Events

Bonfire lunch

Don’t forget! We will be enjoying our school Bonfire themed lunch on Tuesday 4th November....

FONS film night

The FONS film night will take place straight after school on Thursday 23rd October. Please be ready to collect your chil...

We look forward to seeing you at Parents’ evening! Tuesday 21st October 3.30-6.00pm and Wednesday 22nd October 4.0...

Parent Reading Workshop

On Monday at 9.00am, Miss Pitcher will lead a discussion in the hall focusing on how we teach reading in school and how ...